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April 5, 2012
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Creative Commons License
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
If I remember right,
I first met you at night
in moonlight
on a rooftop, way back when.
And you watched me go around,
disappeared beyond the ground,
and then I left without a sound
(for I was foolish then)

And it was at night when you came for me
And I finally let you see
My face,
As I pull and push the sea.
I wax, I wane,
I dance without complain
And I thank my lucky stars
because I've never been more free
(I think)

But you forced yourself to stay awake
and I told you, that's a grave mistake
but I pretty sure you didn't hear.
I'm too quiet compared to nighttime chatter
and you never really knew what was the matter
and I don't want you to climb that ladder
to try and get near.

Please don't come close to me
Be thankful you've got gravity
and that your lovely eyes can see
the day.
I regret I'm up here, barely tethered
floating around like a feather
through thick and thin and bad weather
(no one listens to what I say anyways)

You got on one knee, almost in a trance
"Mia luna," you said, "would you care to dance?"
and I was stricken with surprise that I had a chance
(for I've loved you from the first glance)

But I live so far away:
omnipresent, afraid of the day
existing in a façade of the sublime.
I promise I'm of no significance
and if I only I could afford romance
I would dance
with you until the end of time.

"Tirra lirra" you cried in the mirror
the crystal glass and tears made clearer
through the window, you hear a
I hug myself nearer,
I sing, "Tirra lirra,"
and I, too, hear a sound.

It's the cries and the shrieks
of the sunlight that peeks
around the corner of the earth.
And I sighed and said "goodnight"
and I watch you, out of sight
and you laugh and you play
in the light of the day
and I thank my lucky stars
you can't see me cry.

"Mia luna," you said
as you were sleeping in bed
whispered, but I heard.
"Tirra lirra," I sighed
as you shut your sleepy eyes
And your dreams took wing
and you flied
like a bird.

And in the end, I'm unhappy.
In the end, I'm alone.
You fall asleep, and I'm still out here
passive once again
and alone.
I'm not entirely sure what this is, in all honestly. The original idea was to write from the moon's viewpoint, but, in the end, it could just be a crazy person who's speaking. I guess we'll never know.
crystal4458 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my goooosh. O.O I think I almost cried. This is REALLY good!
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